Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My approach to Project Life 2014

Hello 2014! 

The year of downsizing.

For quite some time now I have been debating on downsizing my Project Life album. Not because I struggled keeping up with the album and not because I didn't have enough photos to fill the pockets (although towards the end of 2013 I found myself thinking "I better take more pictures to fill up this weeks pockets"). Defeats the purpose of the album doesn't it?

I debated switching to a smaller size because the completed albums (yes I have more than 1 album per year) are so HEAVY! My family has great difficulty handling the albums.  I have little kids and they can't manage the albums on their own.  Heck, I can barely manage.  

I have tons of 12x12 pocket protectors in all types of designs.  I don't like being wasteful and because of that I stuck with the 12x12 size for 2013.  Then I realized that those 12x12 page protectors will be used for other projects, like vacation and school albums. 

I also debated downsizing  how much I purchase for the project. It was hard BUT I cancelled most of my monthly kit subscriptions and I *plan* on using JUST my stash after my last sub expires.

I used a Studio Calico 6x8 Handbook for my December Daily and I really liked working with it. 

I finally decided to use a Handbook for Project Life 2014.

This is the album I'll be using.The Studio Calico Snippets Album.

I got a REALLY good deal and purchased three albums. I'm not sure if I'll use all three but I didn't want to take the chance. 

I had fun creating the first few pages of the album.
I used the January Gossamer Blue Life Pockets kit.

I trimmed a pocket page in half for the intro page and used ribbon as a tab.  
Back of the intro page

I am really pleased with the end result.  I did not create anything groundbreaking and did not use any new techniques. But I am very satisfied! 
Next time I'll share some of my ideas on maximizing the real estate in a 6x8 album. 
Are you making any changes to your approach for PL 2014?

Thanks for stopping by!

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