Monday, July 29, 2013

Scrap Space Reorganization

New monthly kit organization

I discovered a Dollar Tree while I was out shopping for decorations for my daughter's 5th birthday (More on that another day) and while strolling around the aisles I discovered a couple of things that triggered a whole revamp of my scrap space!  I'm not done yet but I've made enough process that I can actually scrap!  
For months now I have felt like my set up was not efficient and therefore holding back my creativity.  My monthly kits were piled up everywhere!  It was taking me forever to find what I needed!  And then my mojo left me!  While he was gone I really examined HOW I was scrapping and what was and wasn't working. And so my search for a new set up began!

It all started with this tray and these 4 bowls.

Aren't they beautiful!?! The bowls are VERY lightweight and shallow making them perfect for small embellishments. They stack very easily as well. The tray holds all the bits and pieces from a monthly kit.  

 I went to Michael's to see if they had any PL products and I stumbled upon this!

I love that there are two shelves.  I keep my "in progress" PL pages on the top along with a Martha Stewart desktop organizer full of embellishments that are begging to be used.  The organizer used to hold my most used stamps and monthly PL kit. I found another place for those.

As you can see my 5 year old daughter has claimed the bottom shelf for her belongings. She tried to claim a couple of drawers too!  She is too funny because she is not satisfied with my left over supplies anymore.

A shallow drawer can hold the entire contents of a Citrus Twist main and PL kit.  

As soon as I get a kit in the mail I put it in a drawer. When I want to work with a kit I pull the drawer out, sort the embellishments into the tray and bowls and put the paper in a tray on my desk. When I feel like I have 'killed' a kit I sort the remains into my stash.

Citrus Twist Sail Away July Kit ready and waiting to be played with!

Tray dividers for EACH of the shallow drawers are included with the cart.
I am using one divided drawer for my washi tape and date stamps.  As you can see there is room to grow. HA!

The second drawer holds  my flat alphas.

I haven't decided how to use the 3 deeper drawers. Right now my small stash of 6x6 papers  and wood veneers are in there.

The rest of the drawers hold my monthly kits. And the last deep drawer is empty.

I bought 2 sets of the plastic bowls.  Four bowls for a dollar!  Right now they hold recently purchased embellishments that I want to use.

This led me to sort my embellishments by color and create 'color drawers' (I got this idea from ScrappyJedi)
Then that led me to sort my cardstock and patterned paper by color!  The that led me to (well you get the picture).
How do you store your monthly kits?
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  1. Great organization! Oh kits are first used until there's not much left. Leftover embellishments are thrown together, but the paper goes back into its plastic bag where it will stay for a few more months.

  2. Love seeing storage solutions, thanks for the peak!

  3. Kudo's to you for getting it organized! This is something I really need to work on!

  4. i like that you have room for more!! heeehee!!

  5. You definitely have room to grow, Marisol. LOL! Always a good thing when it comes to scrapbooking. Love your organizational ideas!

  6. I'm much more likely to use supplies when they're readily available. I really like those bowls!

  7. What a great idea, keeping the kit in a drawer. I love it!

  8. Great ideas! I have seen the carts with the drawers in the rainbow of colors, but have never seen one with white drawers like this. I love how you are organizing with this one! :)

  9. Great organizational idea. I haven't seen anyone use those carts yet. I use white melamine trays from Target to store my kits in. I have two, so I work on 2 kits at a time. The trays are fairly large so I can store all of my paper and little white ceramic bowls full of embellishments as well.

  10. love all your wonderful organizational ideas. I've been sorting and destashing so I love all your ideas

  11. Ohhh I love how the drawer has dividers.. thats perfect!!! I have the one in Australia like this but 10 drawers high and thats it.. I love mine too .. but would have loved the divider